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We are a growth agency that enables businesses
to identify their potential and take action.

Discovery Workshop

Find The_Gaps

More than an excuse to get out of the office. A chance to get out of your current state of mind. This discovery workshop session is ideal with 1-2 key stakeholders utilising the design thinking process.

Find The_Gaps Workshop

Gaps Analysis Workshop

Working with your current goals in mind this workshop and following strategic planning will utlilise design thinking – the outcome will be an executable growth plan.

Gaps Analysis Workshop

Growth & Marketing Support

We understand that the delivery of such a strategic plan is both time consuming and potentially overwhelming. Our role is to drive the key goals, the tactics and steps to deliver key outcomes.

Growth & Marketing Support
Content Marketing

Tell Your Story

Think of content marketing as the catalyst for a conversation rather than the intrusion of traditional advertising.

Inbound Marketing

Attract Don't Broadcast

Building it doesn’t mean they will come, but you can use tools to attract, convert, close and create raving fans.

Inbound Marketing Support
Brand Development

Be Your Purpose

The very reason you and your team get out of bed each morning and the intangible value your customers feel when making purchasing decisions.



Client Testimonials

I was surprised at how complex a signage project can be, and am very glad in retrospect that Waking Giant’s services were recommended to us by our fit out designer, so that we had the right team on board and were able to successfully initiate and conclude this piece of work.

Lisa Noonan - Project Manager, ATEED

Our referral to Grant and his team was a god send for us when we set off on our journey of re-branding our business. We had the idea and vision but little else. Grant, Nick and the design team brought our story to life and with their input we have created a new look and feel which is more customer focused.

Cheryl Stewart - Director, Isometric Solutions