Developing a start-up?

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up on the first day of your new business to know you are now in control of your own destiny.

Brand Development

Can you say your brand truly tells the story of your founding, vision, culture and product or service that you champion?

 Retail + Hospitality

Our vision for retail and hospitality is to enhance sales and growth by creating timeless brands and beautifully designed spaces.

 Health Campaigns

Improving health awareness in our local community and throughout Aotearoa is something our team is proud to stand for.

Grant Difford in NZ Business

Waking Giants’ Journey
The July issue of NZ Business magazine shares the story of our founder Grant Difford and his burning desire to live the dream.

An anonymous girl holds a large white canvas sign with room for text or copy space.

Pencils and Ink at the Ready

Illustration is a skill that is integral to the crafting of many of our brand identities and iconography for our clients.

Retail & Hospo Insight


Happier than a Pig in Mud

Our team partnered with Spaceworks Design Group to get a British gastro pub off the ground and ready to launch within a few short weeks.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 11.18.42 AM

A Fresh Take on Pregnancy Care

The July phase of our ‘Best for Baby, Best for You’ campaign starts with the exciting production and promotion of a video.